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I can still remember the last time I went through something so bad, so painful, so serious and so prolonged in my life, that I had felt that maybe, just maybe, I might not make it. The enemy had waged a war against me and had been attacking with full force without intermission but by the grace of God, I survived the ordeal then.

God didn’t calm the storm but he showed up in the midst of it and got me through it. In true Lord style, he then dealt my enemies some blows (I didn’t even need to fight) and then blessed me with some blessings that just kept on pouring. That was in 1999.

Now, in 2016, I remember my God’s faithfulness because he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Once again, the enemy has decided to wage a war against me. Seventeen (17) years later and he still has not learned his lesson. His whipping is sure because the same God who got me through my situation back then is the same God I serve today. When I am being attacked, I pray for mercy for the earthly instruments (people) that the devil has used because I know that my heavenly Father doesn’t joke around with his children.

I also give thanks like one would before a meal because I have learned that whenever the devil and his cohorts are on the defensive, my God will ensure I am victorious and thereafter, grant me an overflow. This makes me sing praises in the middle of a pit because I KNOW it ends in victory!

The singing empowers me, enlarges and exalts my heavenly Father over and above everything and everyone and every circumstance and of course, it enrages the enemy. It is therefore a weapon that I strategically use in the spirit.

When I run to my heavenly Father and I say, “Lord, did you see that? Did you hear what he or she said? Did you see how that was calculated to injure my reputation?” I hear in my spirit, “Sing, child, sing!” and so I send up some praises to the most High, who sees all things and rewards everyone according to his deeds.

The only thing God requires of me is that I do not fight back…at least not naturally. So I sing. When I fight back in the natural, he has let me know that he will not fight for me. However, when I discipline myself to remain still and let the enemy do his worst, when I pray for my earthly fellowmen and women irrespective of what they may have done or said about me and when I say, “Bless them Lord, be merciful to them Lord, grant them deliverance Lord, I forgive them Lord” and I mean it, then HE shows up and HE fights for me.

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(Written on 28th March, 2016)

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