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FAVOURITISM comes from man but FAVOUR comes from God. God’s Kingdom principles are so different from this natural world, that the least favourite among men, could be the most favoured of God.

Ask David.

As the last of all his brothers and the one designated the lowly responsibility of attending to the sheep, he wasn’t even invited by Jesse to the meeting called by Samuel the Prophet, although Samuel had clearly instructed, that all of Jesse’s sons were required to attend.

He wasn’t considered as important enough to even warrant the time and effort. Surely, God would want nothing to do with him and have no business concerning him. After all, he was the least of Jesse’s sons. He was nothing more, in their eyes but a shepherd boy.

YET because man looks on the outside but God looks on the heart, David was the very one that God had his eyes on to be anointed to be king. He was the one that found favour in the eyes of God. The least favourite was the most favoured and quite frankly, when God favours you, what any man thinks becomes irrelevant because only God’s counsel will stand.

(SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 16:1-13)

Ask Joseph.

He can also attest to this fact. He was not a favourite of his brothers. In fact, except for Benjamin, they all hated him. YET, he was highly favoured of God and in the time appointed, God made him Second in Command over all of Egypt.

(SCRIPTURE: Genesis 37:5-36, 42:38-43)

(Written on 7th August, 2018)

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